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Art is much more important than the average person realizes it to be

Art is much more important than the average person realizes it to be — despite the saying that ‘art is what man makes, and nature is what God makes.’ I would prefer to say that nature is what God makes as God, and art is what God makes as man. The artist who has arrived at some perfection in his art, whatever his art may be, will come to realize that it is not he who ever achieved anything; it is

someone else who came forward every time. And when the artist produces a perfect thing, he finds it difficult to imagine that it has been produced by him. He can do nothing but bow his head in humility before that unseen power and wisdom which takes his body, his heart, his brain, and his eyes as its instrument. Whenever beauty is produced in art, be it music, or poetry, or painting, or writing, or anything else, one must never think that man produced it. It is through man that God completes His creation.–Inayat Khan

How can you know the real from the unreal?

“How can you know the real from the unreal, the true from the false? Only by self-development. How get that? By first carefully guarding yourself against the causes of self-deception. And this you can do by spending a certain fixed hour or hours each day all alone in self contemplation, writing, reading, the purification of your motives, the study and correction of your faults, the planning of your working the external life…Little by little your sight will clear, and you will find the mists pass away, your interior faculties strengthen, your attraction towards us gain force, and certainty replace doubts.”
Mahatma Kuthumi

In the spiritual life

“In the spiritual life it is not necessary to have a complete map of the path in order to begin traveling. On the contrary, insistence upon having such complete knowledge may actually hinder rather than help the onward march. The deeper secrets of spiritual life are unraveled to those who take risks and who make bold experiments with it. They are not meant for the idler who seeks guarantees for every step. Those who speculate from the shore about the ocean shall know only its surface, but those who would know the depths of the ocean must be willing to plunge into it.”–Meher Baba

Jacob Boehme – the Aurora

“It requires a middle or mild fire; to keep the spirit in the heart from rising it must be gently simmering, then it getteth a very sweet and meek ringing sound. Now in the seventh melting, there belongeth to, and is required for, the process, a yet more subtile fire, for therein the life riseth up and rejoiceth in the love, and will show forth itself in infinity. And in this motion it groweth unctuous or fat, and luscious or luxuriant; it increaseth and spreadeth itself, and the highest depth generateth itself very joyfully.” [JB, The Aurora]

You are the Path

This “Path” is mentioned in all the Mystic Works. As Krishna says in the Dhyaneswari: “When this Path is beheld…. whether one sets out to the bloom of the east or to the chambers of the west, without moving, O holder of the bow, is the traveling in this road. In this path, to whatever place one would go, that place one’s own self becomes.” “Thou art the Path” is said to the adept guru and by the latter to the disciple, after initiation. “I am the way and the Path” says another MASTER.

The Voice of the Silence, Glossary to part one, pg 78

“‘To dare to will, to act and remain silent’ is our motto as that of every Kabbalist and Occultist.”
Mahatma Kuthumi

Black Carbon Footprint on the Astral Plane

Have you ever wondered if what we are doing now will affect what we will experience in the after death states and beyond?

The order of the universe repeats itself in all the states that we experience. The after death states, the meditative states, the dream states and the waking state are all part of a whole.  The great division that we assume exists between waking and dreaming or life and death, is an illusion brought on by our limited awareness which reduces our ability to perceive the real state of things on all levels of being.  If we understood that it is an awareness issue, it would greatly change the way in which we act during daily existence. Everything we do, say, and think is reflected in our states or planes of being to be “recorded” there as a form of energy.

With the lapse of organize religions to help people to understand their place in the world as spiritual beings and to guide people towards  their individual spiritual awakening and to foster brotherhood on a global level, the mainstream of the population have fallen away. Some people no longer believe in the worth of a religious point of view and have dropped routine spiritual practice rituals, prayer, meditation and socialization with others to help one another to maintain a good life.  With this absence of regular spiritual practice and connectedness to something higher than themselves comes a lack of awareness of conscience, the recognition of good over bad and helping one another out of love and justice. With this lack of spiritual connectedness to the great whole, people feel free to do what they want without consequence.

This state of disconnection is proven to us over and over. Over indulgence runs rampant, as is shown in the amount of debt we are piling up, the amount of time spent watching TV, internet gaming and the philosophy that “its all about me”, the “self improvement” regimes which are designed to enhance personal power. And what is even more remarkable, we are even allowed to claim bankruptcy and start all over again as if nothing happened when things go amiss.

I would really hate to claim bankruptcy in the after death state; my over indulgent life being worth nothing and being thrown away, nothing accomplished except a black carbon footprint on the astral plane.  Would I have to abandon this lifetime, as if it never was and let the consequence fall into the astral atmosphere to add to the horrible pollution that exists there?

And where would I be in all of this, where is the real individual? Am I residing as a spiritual being with no memory of this chance at a lifetime, with no merit added from this last lifetime lived, no carryover of a good life lived to pattern the next one?

I know that H.P. Blavatsky (Secret Doctrine) says that a life lived and lost in this way is erased from, what she likens to the “necklace of pearls”; each pearl represents a past lifetime lived and is the accumulated wisdom and merit gained by the essential self.  She goes on the say that the essential, higher self does a complete disconnect with the earthly entity if there is not a spark of spiritual awareness left in the self-absorbed “shell “of a human being; it is left to run its course as a soulless entity.

Blotting out a lifetime which had no merit and in which the earth incarnated man had done a complete disconnect from his/her  “essential being” doesn’t ring true to me. In the law of ecology, nothing is lost, the energy only changes state as I understand it. So then we would have to consider all the astral shells, (the leftovers we might call them) visible and felt in the astral realm (to which we are connected during incarnation, after death states, dreams, trances, etc.) that we may be connected to in some way because we produced them.

It seems to me that Karma still comes into play here; the feeling of being willfully disconnected to the highest essential part of our nature, our link with the whole, has to have some future consequence. It seems logical to me that there is definitely something to be learned here and some consequence for our self-absorbed lifetime which is leaving a black footprint on the astral plane. Who has to do the house cleaning here?

The answer is – we all do on both an individual level and a group level.

Look at the economic state of the world, virtually every country is suffering from debt. Over spending, bankruptcy, greed and will to power have created a situation which is affecting all of us.

Is it any different on the personal level? We are all having to live in an atmosphere littered with virtually “soulless beings”, the direct result of such irresponsible lifetimes lived. We are victims of an environment which we have all contributed to in some way over the course of lifetimes. Have you ever wondered about that “spook” that keeps chasing you in your dreams, those weird guys who are “lurking around the corner” waiting to get you?

I fear a lot of people now are suffering this fate. A lot of people have chosen not to follow a specific religious or spiritual path, are separated from Truth, Love and Wisdom and feel that there is no consequence for their actions.

It seems to me that the masses would be better served to believe in some form of spirit based teachings which will guide the individual to discover his/her true nature – a “spark of the divine over soul”, to lead a good life and is inclusive of all beings.

Not everyone is intellectually capable of the Jnana Path, the path of knowledge, which the Theosophical outlook seems to follow.  A lot of people could grasp the Bhakti path, pure spiritual devotion to the divine and to leading a good life – if they believed in it.

It would seem to make sense to combine the two paths, the path of knowledge and the path of devotion to form a spiritual path which everyone can follow at whatever level is right for their individual spiritual awakening. The important thing is to lay a foundation for leading a good life, truthful, loving and free.

An after death state during the full moon in Taurus

The Real Halloween: Full Moon: Western Sidereal Taurus: December 10 2011:

Since time immemorial the bridge between the living and the dead has been the bridge that spans the Stars in Scorpio and the Stars in Taurus. More specifically the “night of the dead” is when the Sun is in the Constellation of Scorpio and the Moon is full in the Constellation of Taurus. The Moon is said to be exalted in Venus ‘ruled’ Taurus which makes it “the night of the blessed dead”. Alexander Blair-Ewart

Follow this link to Western Sidereal Astrology to read more. This article clearly ties into the after death states which are beautifully described in New Theosophy

An after death state during the full moon in Taurus:

My dead uncle sees me pour a glass of wine. He waits for me to drink it so he can taste it. Weird.

A conversation with him goes on for two days, off and on. He recapitulates his life, we talk about what he told me when he was alive in this life just past.

We had a special bond because during his last few months of life, he had shared “secrets” of his memory of a previous life time. He could tell no one else about such things. He told me about the “fairies” who live under the trees and how he could see them when he was a child. He shared a lot of these experiences and thoughts with me during the time when I cared for him as he was going through the process of dying.

So here he is, on the night of the dead, full moon in Taraus, the real Halloween.  We share a glass of wine, I drink it in honour of him, he loves it and tastes it vicariously through me.  I share with him the guilt I had felt about not being there with him all the time when I knew he needed care.  I had felt stressed, irritable and I could have been better. My uncle forgave me, he felt frustrated too;  he is glad that I was there for him at the end; he knows I was the only one. We resolved that energy that we had together.

He is glad this lifetime as a paraplegic is over; it was a continuation of his experiences in the previous lifetime in WW1 which he remembers in detail.  He died at the age of 15;  he sustained an injury  in this lifetime at 15 years which resulted in paralyses in his legs.

Uncle has followed me for two days now. He came with me to visit family and be in my cottage with me. I told him that I bought the cottage with his money, thank you, thank you. I thanked him for his help, encouragement and support when I was struggling for a few years. He is very happy that I bought real-estate with the money.

I am telling him that it is time to finish with all the issues he needs to review. He should face into everything, don’t blank out, be courageous and make peace with it.  I have learned that if you can’t face something, if it is over whelming and you “blank out” to the reality of it, you will have to come to it over and over again. I tried to help him to move forward.  It is only these things, this review of this life time just lived, that is holding him back to the earth. It’s time to finish up these things and let it go; move towards light, love and peace. He died ten years ago on October 31st. 2001.

His life review continues to flash before me, he knows that it was his own fear and stubbornness that prevented him from getting the medical help he needed when it could have changed the course of this lifetime. He refused to go to a hospital. He knows this, he admits this to me and I tell him “good, you see that now, lesson finished, make peace with what happened,  let it go and move on”.

I must admit that I am enjoying this time with him. For his sake, I hope he moves on in his after death journey. In the mean time I like to play Solitaire with him, the way we did so often when he was alive. One more game before the weekend is over. Will it be our last game together?

Applied Theosophy – a Meditation

I’m sitting alone in the dark, the aftermath of a day of violent thunderstorms passing over Lake Huron in April. The power has been out for five hours now and the storms continue to surge across in waves. It was okay in the daylight, when I could pick up a book and sit in the overcast light of the window, but the light, even in the daytime is no good for drawing or painting, something I love to do when I come up here to my retreat. The computer power is at a premium, just a few minutes left of the battery, before even this shuts down. Then what? I can’t see to write in pencil and I’m not tired enough to go to bed and sleep yet.

There is only one thing left to do, when this internal laptop battery is finished……. Meditation.
Isn’t this crazy? I will be forced into meditation; I feel something pleasurable in the thought that I have to step out of the routine, out of the distraction, this is it. I won’t be able to produce anything, not even writing or reading or drawing.

The battery went off and I spent the night in quiet meditation and sleep. Thunderstorms continued to roll overhead and woke me up several times, then at three a.m. the light in my bedroom burst on as the power was restored. I had formulated some questions and observations in my mind during meditation and every time I awoke I tried to reestablish my meditative thought.

Several years ago during an intense period of spiritual training, my teacher suggested meditation for two hours every day at the same time, without fail, for forty days. It was the beginning of many changes in my awareness, one of which was the ability to observe the Personal Mind or Separate self.

“In other words you have transcended Personal Mind the 4th and become the active witness of your own mind in action. You are no longer the passive recipient of information but have become actively engaged in co-creating what you are thinking about. And you are fully aware that this is what you are doing.” – Spiritual Realism Awareness States

I observed that restlessly looking for something to do is a habit. I was thinking about how most of our day is spent in habitual thinking. The mind finds a certain way or pattern that seems to be effective and goes on automatic pilot, distracted for the most part of the day with things it has deemed as important to do. It’s good not to have to think much about the mundane routines of life; however it is a problem when we move through our whole day as routine. It’s a problem because we are not in the creative space of awareness that allows us to move with uncontrived naturalness; to act in unconditioned truth; to be free of conditioning and fear; to be in a space of Self Awareness.

It’s interesting to see how the separate self (lower mind in theoso’ talk) feels secure and satisfied with a routine and predictable day. It doesn’t like changes, unexpected and unplanned occurrences. This Self that calls itself Star has built up an idea of how it should be in the world. This has occurred through a series of events that happen to everyone; birth, family conditioning, environment and Karma. That Self, sustains the strength of itself by keeping the mind in the mundane routine predictable patterns of thought, actions and reactions throughout the day. We believe this to be our real selves and we energize this Lower/Separate self, by maintaining our attention in that Self. Attention/directed awareness is energy.

We have the power to choose what we give our attention to. Release the mind from its mundane routine and it reacts with energy. Awareness is energy.

It is my experience that the soul reacts with joy when this occurs. It’s a yearning fulfilled; a yearning for something in our lives with purpose, something that is real, and something exciting about to happen. Seeing the ego/lower mind/separate self and acting with intent is what is meant by applied theosophy. It can’t be learned by reading and intellectualizing about it. It is realized by doing; by being; by becoming aware. And this, my friends is the start of a spiritual journey and a new way of being in the world.
Warmest regards to you from Sharon