Alcoholism and Codependence: a holistic view

I think that the syndrome of alcoholism and codependence is a holistic thing; it isn’t about one person with an individual problem and others, being affected by unlucky chance.

If we take a “whole view” approach when observing the human being, (which for me is a theosophical approach), and if we accept the idea that life is a continuum, then we see the spirit of man moving from embodiment on earth, to afterlife states, to embodiment on earth over and over again.

Embracing that thought,  the earthly experiences of each individual create groups of energy; groups of energy are called Skandas.

To give an example here of an experience creating skandas  I could say that – I saw my father drunk, he frightened me, he walked past all of our family boundaries. The energy field created for me was fear, confusion and vulnerability associated with alcohol.

I met an older male neighbour who was alcoholic, he was friendly to me, gave me lots of hugs and move past that into inappropriate touching.  The energy field created for me was vulnerability, confusion and lack of trust which I associated with alcohol.

The individual experiences build, and the skanda/reactive energy fields within grow and intensify. They become part of how we are in the world and how we react to experiences and how we see our path in the world. They actually form the conditioning of our awareness state and condition what we see and experience. These skandic energy fields manifest in what is commonly referred to as Karma. They direct our choices in our future path.

Skandas manifest in each human being, grouping together as the child is born, and form the physical strengths and weaknesses, body and nervous system, and degree of awareness the individual is functioning within. They also have an influence on which environment and group of other individuals the individual will be born into and have to function with, at least for the first few years of life.

I would make sense then that the “addictive syndrome”, would involve not only the active alcoholic or addict but all others associated with that person, who are facilitating the karmic agenda in which the scene is set. It would also make sense that those who are associated with the alcoholic/addict are, have been or will be influenced by skandas which have coalesced to create the reality in which they are functioning in this lifetime. We need also to realize that because we are exposed to this paradigm in this lifetime ourselves, even though we may not be the acting out alcoholic/addict, we most likely have been that in the past in order to possess the skandic energy pull which has put us here. We should also be reminded that addiction can manifest in many forms, not only the example of substance addiction which I am using here.

All this to say that I view alcoholism, addictive behaviour  and codependance in a holistic way, if we are affected by it in this lifetime, in any way, we have been part of it in the past.  We have developed the reactive skandas and karmic destinies in which we are functioning.

We all need to stop placing the blame only on the individuals who are acting out and start looking within ourselves. Realizing the role that we play as codependent accomplices in the deed, we can start to do the heavy lifting, the real gut wrenching work that needs to be done to heal ourselves and in turn show the way to heal others.

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