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Why is it that when we are dreaming, its still in some sort of time, but not at all like the time we know when we are awake? We seem to have memories in our dreams, which give our dreams the illusion of a past.  Here is an exert of an interesting post, which I posted in New Theosophy Network.

“During this experience in time, I have the nagging feeling that I have done all this before, or it is fate? But it can’t be fate because I am making choices. I am choosing good and bad, purifying myself, striving to understand and to become an enlightened spiritual being. It can’t be fate, because if it were all laid out wouldn’t that eliminate the choices?

But those choices… do they appear to be choices? Or are they just me, running my awareness, my “jeweler’s magnifying glass”, over the already complete manifestation, and the only choice I am making is which part of it I want to see?” – newtheosophynetwork .