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An after death state during the full moon in Taurus

The Real Halloween: Full Moon: Western Sidereal Taurus: December 10 2011:

Since time immemorial the bridge between the living and the dead has been the bridge that spans the Stars in Scorpio and the Stars in Taurus. More specifically the “night of the dead” is when the Sun is in the Constellation of Scorpio and the Moon is full in the Constellation of Taurus. The Moon is said to be exalted in Venus ‘ruled’ Taurus which makes it “the night of the blessed dead”. Alexander Blair-Ewart

Follow this link to Western Sidereal Astrology to read more. This article clearly ties into the after death states which are beautifully described in New Theosophy

An after death state during the full moon in Taurus:

My dead uncle sees me pour a glass of wine. He waits for me to drink it so he can taste it. Weird.

A conversation with him goes on for two days, off and on. He recapitulates his life, we talk about what he told me when he was alive in this life just past.

We had a special bond because during his last few months of life, he had shared “secrets” of his memory of a previous life time. He could tell no one else about such things. He told me about the “fairies” who live under the trees and how he could see them when he was a child. He shared a lot of these experiences and thoughts with me during the time when I cared for him as he was going through the process of dying.

So here he is, on the night of the dead, full moon in Taraus, the real Halloween.  We share a glass of wine, I drink it in honour of him, he loves it and tastes it vicariously through me.  I share with him the guilt I had felt about not being there with him all the time when I knew he needed care.  I had felt stressed, irritable and I could have been better. My uncle forgave me, he felt frustrated too;  he is glad that I was there for him at the end; he knows I was the only one. We resolved that energy that we had together.

He is glad this lifetime as a paraplegic is over; it was a continuation of his experiences in the previous lifetime in WW1 which he remembers in detail.  He died at the age of 15;  he sustained an injury  in this lifetime at 15 years which resulted in paralyses in his legs.

Uncle has followed me for two days now. He came with me to visit family and be in my cottage with me. I told him that I bought the cottage with his money, thank you, thank you. I thanked him for his help, encouragement and support when I was struggling for a few years. He is very happy that I bought real-estate with the money.

I am telling him that it is time to finish with all the issues he needs to review. He should face into everything, don’t blank out, be courageous and make peace with it.  I have learned that if you can’t face something, if it is over whelming and you “blank out” to the reality of it, you will have to come to it over and over again. I tried to help him to move forward.  It is only these things, this review of this life time just lived, that is holding him back to the earth. It’s time to finish up these things and let it go; move towards light, love and peace. He died ten years ago on October 31st. 2001.

His life review continues to flash before me, he knows that it was his own fear and stubbornness that prevented him from getting the medical help he needed when it could have changed the course of this lifetime. He refused to go to a hospital. He knows this, he admits this to me and I tell him “good, you see that now, lesson finished, make peace with what happened,  let it go and move on”.

I must admit that I am enjoying this time with him. For his sake, I hope he moves on in his after death journey. In the mean time I like to play Solitaire with him, the way we did so often when he was alive. One more game before the weekend is over. Will it be our last game together?