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Divine incarnation already exists within ourselves

True occultism is the destruction of the false idea of self, and therefore true spiritual perception and knowledge are nothing else but the complete identification of our finite ‘selves’ with the Great All. It follows, therefore, that no spiritual progress at all is possible except by and through the bulk of Humanity. HPB

So what does this mean? Blavatsky is saying that we have a false idea of who we are. We are capable of true spiritual perception and knowledge. That spiritual perception and knowledge is obtained by breaking free of the illusion projected by the finite part of ourselves that is telling us that it is the real and only self there is;  breaking free of this idea, we see that we are still alive and aware, but part of something far greater than the finite self could comprehend. She describes it as the Great All,  and says that by identifying our finite selves with the Great All, and realizing the identification of all humanity with this as the source, we can make spiritual progress.

If we take what she is saying as true, I would not follow the transcendent path in which one wishes to escape the illusion of the earthly life and leave humanity behind. Where is the spiritual progress going to happen if it is not a process of becoming fully awake and enlightened here on earth, a blend of the finite self and the highest part of oneself which is a ray of the Great All; the awakening of the finite self to its source, truly an incarnation of spirit into matter.

Isn’t that the message of all the great spiritual teachers of humanity; the divine incarnation of spirit in man? It goes back to ancient Egypt and is reignited in the teachings of Christ.

I always loved the teachings of Buddha, but I felt uneasy about the idea of Nirvana being the ultimate transcendence. It states that we lose our individuality with a blending into the one reality. HPB states that we retain our individuality throughout Manvantaras of time. Lately I have come to realize that although some Buddhist believe Nirvana to be eternal, others say that it is only a cul de sac, a temporary state, all be it an amazing state of being and spiritual accomplishment. So even in Buddhism then, it is about the divine incarnation of spirit into matter; or “the complete identification of our finite selves with the Great All”.

In theosophy we have spoken about the different aspects man’s constitution, and said that Kama Manas is the Lower Mind and Emotional psychic self which makes up the personality; Manas in its purity is the Higher Mind and the link to the divine nature in man, our link to the logos; the word, our link to all humanity in our deepest essence.  Seeing this, one can understand that the divine incarnation is not “a happening” at all, it’s a fact that already exists within ourselves.