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“Whatever plane our consciousness may be acting in, both we and the things belonging to that plane are, for the time being, our only realities. As we rise in the scale of development we perceive that during the stages through which we have passed we mistook shadows for realities, and the upward progress of the Ego is a series of progressive awakenings, each advance bringing with it the idea that now, at last, we have reached ‘reality;’ but only when we shall have reached the absolute Consciousness, and blended our own with it, shall we be free from the delusions produced by Maya [illusion].” (SD 1:40)



Meditation is something that

is not contrived, organized.

Meditation IS.

It begins with the first step,

which is to be free of

all your psychological hurts,

accumulated fears, anxiety,

loneliness, despair, sorrow.

That is the foundation,

that is the first step,

and the first step is the last step.

J. Krishnamurti