Monthly Archives: October 2009

Recommendations from a spiritual teacher

These recommendations were given to me from a spiritual teacher. I found them most helpful when I was striving to attain a watchful mind. Perhaps they will help you too.

Redesign your daily schedule: include lots of time for meditation and ample sleep time. Eliminate “energy sucking”, unimportant routines, people who diminish you, unmeaningful and excess pleasurable activities, self pity, sadness, anxiety, self indulgence.

Develop a passion for what is eternal. Meditate with enthusiasm. Seek out those people who want to authentically connect and find time to do so.

Re examine the energy crisis within you: look at what you have endless energy for.  When do you feel tired, what is it that is tired, and what is it that grabs your energy?   (is it emotions;  intellectual gymnastics of the mind?)

What are you struggling with? What is it and what is the essence of what you are fighting against? – is it mind, personality, the shadow ego self protected?

Refocus from the transitory to the eternal – find the silence.

Control the mind by your divine!

Choose the eternal!